KAT_A_2, 2016
Stan Douglas, Friedrichsen & Thalmann, Candida Höfer, Thomas Struth, Annette Kelm, Thomas Ruff, Katharina Sieverding, Wolfgang Tillmans

The second KAT_A exhibition, “Photography and Installation,” conveyed a particular aspect of contemporary photography relating to the selection of image content and the deliberate use of technical possibilities. Which specific effects can be achieved and how can the photographic medium be taken to new aesthetic and societally relevant levels through motif selection as well as a variety of technical approaches? Posing these questions was the goal of the exhibition with its conceptual hanging scheme of the works by Stan Douglas, Friedrichsen & Thalmann, Candida Höfer, Annett Kelm, Thomas Ruff, Katharina Sieverding, Thomas Struth and Wolfgang Tillmans. By juxtaposing the photo works, parallels and contrasts in contemporary photography were made visible. This made it possible to view them in differentiated and sometimes new relationships. Here the exploration of opportunities and boundaries of visual and intellectual perception played a decisive role. Likewise, themes such as manipulation, authenticity and narrative styles were suggested, encouraging discourse. Through the interplay with the new installations as well as those permanently located in the former chapel and extensive park landscape, the photo works were put in a dialogic context going beyond spatial boundaries. With the sometimes ironically alienating and disturbing effects of the installations, such as the palms by David Zink Yi, viewing the photo works was complemented in surprising and interesting ways, raising questions about expectations, imagination and perception.

Vernissage am 26. April 2016