Sculpture Park

The yearly temporary exhibitions at Haus Hedwig are complemented by permanent installations and sculptures in the historical landscape of the park. Surrounding the neo-classical villa “Haus am Turm,” which also houses a restaurant, works such as “HB-DAA” by Michael Sailstorfer, “Modified Social Benches” by Jeppe Hein or “Chelsea Kramer” by Michaela Meise fit in seamlessly. Ironic inversions of common expectations often catch the viewer by surprise. In this way, the clock by Alicja Kwade or the five stainless steel palms “New Silber” by David Zink Yi are interventions in the public realm that present a highly aesthetical and at the same time critical confrontation with identity and origin, nature and artificiality.

Through the interplay between inside and outside, KAT_A offers not only a diverse exhibition framework, but also turns the exhibition visit into an adventure. Situated between the Siebengebirge hills and the Rhine, you can enjoy the interaction between nature and art in a memorable way. Between the installations in the park and the works inside the buildings, KAT_A’s exhibitions are presented in a dialogic context beyond spatial boundaries, raising questions concerning art appreciation as well as perception.

David Zink Yi, Neusilber, 2015, Edelstahl, je 353 x 100 x 95 cm,
© Foto:Ulrich Dohle