Annette Kelm, Untitled (Portraits), 2007, 6-teilige Arbeit, C-Prints, je 62 x 56 cm, © Foto: Ulrich Dohle

Annette Kelms photographs range from still lifes, portraits and object photography all the way to architecture and landscape photography. These are precisely worked out compositions that refer to a complex as well as hermetically sealed concept and a widespread network of connections. An example of this is the conceptual rigidity in her portraits: The 6-part work exhibited here shows a woman whose cap is pulled over her eyes, so that her gaze is concealed from the viewer. In the sequence of six individual images the woman turns her head 180° degrees from left to right. Annette Kelm moves, also in this work, as in most of her photos, between the isolation of the object, constructed sculpture found on-site or the intended pose. By setting up the motif as a series, the viewer discovers the meaning intended by the artist. Through her sober style of presentation, the origin and circumstances of the photography as well as the depicted person remain vague and mysterious for the viewer.

Annette Kelm was born in Stuttgart in 1975. She lives and works in Berlin.