KAT_A_6, 2020

Isa Genzken und Wolfgang Tillmans

The sixth KAT_A exhibition is dedicated to two internationally renowned German artists from two generations: Isa Genzken (born 1948) and Wolfgang Tillmans (born 1968). They know each other well, worked together and portrayed each other in their own works. Accordingly, the exhibition will show the works "Isa Mona Lisa" and "Isa vor Sound Factory" by Tillmans, which portray Isa Genzken, while a portrait of Tillmans is integrated into the important sculpture "Untitled (Slot Machine)" by Isa Genzken. This reference to each other and the appreciation of the two artists for each other forms a focal point in the exhibition and also illustrates the different aesthetic attitudes. At the same time, the artistic similarities become visible as both artists work conceptually and systematically.

Isa Genzken explores artistic, psychological and socio-political issues, whereby her approach to sculpture is both analytical and unconventional. On the one hand, her formal language can be understood from a constructive sculptural tradition, and on the other hand it contains clear references to the social and societal environment. Using often the most simple materials, her works appear shrill and loud and fundamentally question (classical) sculpture. Her installations and sculptures draw attention to contrasts and brutalities in society - provocatively and always with the aim of venturing out into unsecured terrain and disturbing and destroying normative viewing habits.

Conversely, photography as a medium of social reality increasingly recedes into the background in Tillmans' work. While his early, almost iconic works were meetings and gatherings in clubs, at parties, and portraits of individuals, the tension between control and coincidence, intention and the liberating imponderables of the photographic medium later moved increasingly into focus. Groups of subjects such as "drapery", "still life", "free swimmer", "paper drops" or "silver" refer to the autonomy of photographic representation. These groups of works displayed in the exhibition provide an overview of his oeuvre and at the same time reflect the competing thematic focuses within it: the interaction of people in all its aspects and the exploration of the chemical basis of photography.

Isa Genzken, Nofretete, 2018, plasterbuston,
wooden base, sunglasses MDF plinth, 190 x 35 x 36 cm

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bis Mai 2021